Where companies go for premium first aid coverage.

Our Staff:
• Spot and report hazards
• Maintain current site standards
• Enforce and improve safety standards according to client / site superintendents requests

Specializing in OFA & CSO Short - Medium - Project duration placement

Confined Space - MTC Mobile Treatment Center

Construction – Industrial – Events – Out of Town Coverage


Active Safety Mgmt. specializes in active on site, first aid attendants (OFA) and construction safety officers (CSO).

Our hands-on mentorship offers more than just ensuring you are compliant with WSBC practices. We work with our staff in real time on real site challenges, giving them the confidence to solve future site challenges on their own.

We teach our staff the soft skills necessary for working with diverse personalities which leads to better communication and positive buy in to safety across the site.

Active Safety Mgmt. can provide first aid and safety professionals for assignments as short as one day or for as long as you need coverage!  We also cover out of town and remote projects.

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