Our Mission

To create safe communities through collaboration & innovation.

Our Vision

To build a World Class company
who puts their people first
and creates an exceptional
client experience.

Our Values

Walk the Talk
Invest in People
Above and Beyond


CEO / Owner

The beginning of ASM – Active Safety Management

When I started working as a first aid attendant in construction, I realized I had found a great fit for me. I love the outdoors and doing work that involves being active, so for me, construction and the people that work in it are tons of fun!

When my job wrapped up in 2009, construction was slow due to the recession. Ironically it was then I decided I would start my own business. I had gained a lot of great opportunities and experience through working for temp labour companies; however, I saw areas of operations that I personally wanted to improve upon for myself and future employees.

I wore all the hats! I worked on building the back end of the business, gaining clients and worked every job that came in. I kept working on sites regularly until I intentionally let my first aid ticket expire in 2017 in order to stay focused on working ON the businesses vs IN. I still remember hiring my first employee, working days on Active and night shifts on site, bringing in my first support staff and how amazed I was when we hit that crucial 5 year mark.

The last 5+ years have been intentional, steady focus on building the management team and sustainable growth. Using our company core values Professional, Walk the Talk, Above and Beyond, Invest in People & Positive Players as tools to navigate difficult decisions, set employee expectations and choose where to spend our time has given us a guide to follow and has helped us grow. I am very proud and honored to work with an exceptional team of individuals both in the office and in the field, who resonate with our values and bring them out in their work every day.

Developing Active has been the biggest learning experience of my life, for which I am very grateful.